Youth, Family & Couple’s Support

Youth Therapy & Family Support

When you hear the words Family support you want to know that there is a wealth of experience behind this offer.

Robyn and Jessica have both professional knowledge and years of experience with and an understanding of how much the family dynamic is changing and evolving. It is important to understand that young and adolescent children see the world through different eyes, they have more access to the outside world.

If we are going to be working your children then you need to know our professional knowledge.

Jessica is a senior social worker currently working full time with child and Youth Mental health and Robyn is a counsellor who has many years experience as a mental health nurse, has worked in child care and in family day care. Together they offer a team that can assist families with support individually and as a collective.

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Partners & Relationships

The one thing we know for sure, is that we have no control over another person's emotional journey. We can love each other, show compassion for each other and enjoy each other, however we can only support each other to change.
Robyn offers a safe space to freely discuss each person's emotional journey. Her counselling and mediation skills allows for each of you to be heard, and she has an ability to reframe what is being said so it’s understood and is both professional and compassionate.

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