Understanding Emotional Release

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February 20, 2019
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February 21, 2019

Understanding Emotional Release

When seeing your favourite musician live for the first time,  it’s not what you hear you remember it’s the feeling you had being there. This feeling is kept within your emotional self and when you hear a song from that same live performance you automatically experience the feeling once again. When you land back in the country of your birth after being away, feelings and emotions associated with your memories fill your being.  When you see your new born child for the first time it’s not the pain of the birth you remember it’s the emotion you felt for your child that you tell your friends about.

The storage of our emotions does not discriminate. We hold the trauma and the joy equally.

We are emotional beings.  Our emotions are complex and real.  They can be out there for all to see or they can be very hidden.  They are ever shifting and changing or they can be very stuck and blocking. For some people exercise such as running is an emotional release, for others it’s a loss of temper or becoming physically ill. The thing we have to become aware of is that our emotions are powerful, beautiful and most importantly transforming.

I feel very passionate about helping people become aware of their sub-conscious emotions and how they can be the reason certain aspects of their lives are blocked.

Let’s look at an example:

Emotional Blockages

How do we make decisions as babies, toddlers or children? 

We make these decisions based on our feelings or our emotions. For example, a young child who at 2 years of age is left with relatives because Mum is going into hospital to give birth to her second child.  Her first child is left with someone she doesn’t know very well for a couple of days, and to a child that seems like an eternity. Finally this young child sees Mum again, and a baby that takes up all of her attention. The young toddler is left with a sense of abandonment, a feeling of why doesn’t Mum want me anymore or a sense of confusion in general. At this time the young toddler suffers an emotional loss of self worth because of the changes in the amount of nurturing they feel, and from then on they may not feel safe in any new relationships developed. As they grow and adult relationships are formed, there may be an underlying feeling that relationships are not safe. They may worry on unconscious level there may be someone else who will take my partner away or there may be a feeling of unexplained anger towards the partner. These feelings and emotional blockages are directly related to each other and can cause real and long-term issues if left unresolved.

Inner Child Healing

During an inner child session I can guide you to identify your emotional blockages and assist you in their release.

This deep process is held safely with sacred intention using counselling skills, spiritual wisdom and connection to spirit. This sacred journey allows for people to awaken to the reasons behind emotional blocks and then through self love, release them.

Everyone has their own journey that is very individual to them. Crystallised Healing is a safe, non judgmental environment for the expression and release of trauma and emotional blocks and I encourage you to begin your journey to understanding your emotions now and begin the healing that can change your life.

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