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February 18, 2019
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Pamper Day – A One-Day Retreat – 15th June


This retreat will leave you feeling energised physically, emotionally and spiritually.


This retreat will leave you feeling energised physically, emotionally and spiritually.
You deserve to be Pampered.

On the day you will receive:
Meditation Session
Immerse yourself in this beautiful healing session that will leave you refreshed and rebalanced. You will experience a guided meditation journey, feel the healing power of crystals and the cleansing of sound therapy.You will feel healed on many levels. Robyn and Jess use there healing skills and knowledge and the energy of the group to individually shift blockages on a cellular level.

45 min Psychic Session with Jason Russo
Jason is a well known psychic medium. Jason’s very gentle manor allows for a relaxed informative and very insightful session. Jason is very connected to spirit and will offer you insight into your personal circumstance and connects to those who have passed over.

45 min Astrology session with Mikailah
Astrology is based on your unique natal birth chart and the interpretation of planets and symbols within a twelve house system. Your natal chart is the record of your soul at birth and is the map to your Authentic Self. Evolutionary astrology is a spiritual and psychological tool that enables you to discover and explore deeper aspects of yourself within the context of the spiral of life & cyclic rhythms. These sessions are perfect for guidance into current planetary alignments, explained in a practical down to earth way and are offered throughout our global village.

30 min Massage + 30 min Healing Session with Robyn Pacey
You will receive a 30 minute massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and those knots in you shoulders and neck released followed by a gentle healing session.

Refreshments: A delicious homemade lunch with be provided.
Dates: Saturday 15th June 2019
Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue: Crystallised Healing, 30 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain.
Facilitators: Robyn Pacey, Jason Russo & Mikailah Gooda
What to wear/bring: Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle

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