Pamper Day – A One-Day Retreat

Pamper Day - A One Day Retreat

This retreat will leave you feeling energised physically, emotionally and spiritually.
You deserve to be Pampered.

On the day you will receive:

Meditation Session
Immerse yourself in this beautiful healing session that will leave you refreshed and rebalanced. You will experience a guided meditation journey, feel the healing power of crystals and the cleansing of sound therapy. You will feel healed on many levels. Robyn and Jess use there healing skills and knowledge and the energy of the group to individually shift blockages on a cellular level.

45min Astrology session with Wendy
Written in Stardust offers a unique insight into your life through your horoscope blueprint. Learn what has been already written in the stars about your life, your birth year. Wendy Pleydell – Fry is a Brisbane-based Astrology Teacher and Tarot expert with extensive knowledge of these intuitive practices is based on 40 years of passion and experience having studied with many great teachers I will guide you through self-realization and awareness through your Astrology chart.

45min Massage with Arielle We all have physical issues and this session offers a healing through massage and Arielle’s ability to intuitively know what your body needs. This massage will leave your body feeling amazing.

45min session with Robyn This session offers a healing with Robyn. This session is guided by you. Robyn has several modalities to offer and has a gift to see why your path may be blocked, or why you feel confused or uneasy with life. Her gift also offers ways to continue with your growth as we are all continuing to learn. You will leave with awareness around your personal journey.

Dates: Next Pamper Day 10th April 2021
Time: 9.30am - 4pm
Venue: Crystallised Healing, 30 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain.
Facilitators: Robyn Allam-Pacey & Jessica Allam-Pacey
Refreshments: A very delicious homemade lunch with be provided.
What to wear/bring: Please bring comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle

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