Inner Child Workshop

We offer you the opportunity to begin the journey of self love. Self love leads to healing on all levels.

What is Self Love??? We will answer this question for you in a way that you can understand.

Who is my inner child??? We will answer this question for you in a way that you can understand.Knowing and working with your Inner child is essential for you to feel joy and security in all aspects of our lives. 

When we are very young children we absorb all of our environment including the energy shared with us by our parents, care givers and family and from all the people that are significant in our lives.  

Join us for this very informative and enlightening 2 hour workshop and we will share with you how to connect to your inner child and learn about the connection with your emotional blockages, so you can open your heart to receive peace and freedom. You will take home with you a new awareness of your inner child You will be provided with tools that you can use anytime to help you move through difficult circumstances. You will also learn the importance of gratitude and how it enhances experiences in your life.

You will leave this workshop feeling a renewed sense of optimism. The only person that can nurture you is you. 

Dates: Friday 30th August 2019
Time: 10am - Midday
Venue: Crystallised Healing, 30 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain
Refreshments: Morning Tea provided
Facilitator: Robyn Allam-Pacey
What to wear/bring: Please bring comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle

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