Get out of your head and into your heart

Understanding Emotional Release
February 20, 2019

Get out of your head and into your heart

I am privileged and grateful to work with people on a spiritually healing level every day.

At 20 years of age I began my nursing career and was therefore able to be of service to people, learn about how sick a body can become both physically and mentally and observe the process medicine uses to help people feel better. While working within these confines I used my intuition and was guided to hands on healing with comfortable ease and my understanding of “getting out of my head and into my heart” developed. Let me explain.

When working with physical illness, I used medical training to help with symptoms and comfort, however these techniques didn’t always work. Part of my career allowed me the privilege of being present when people where very unwell or getting ready to cross over. It was during these moments, that giving from my heart was more powerful then any medical knowledge I stored in my head. Dropping out of my thoughts and into my heart, filled my aura with a calm loving energy that was contagious. I witnessed clients muscles relax in their face and body. It was these experiences, coupled with my understanding of healing energy, that I can now share this with clients today.

Crystallised Healing offers a safe sacred space for clients who feel vulnerable physically, emotionally spiritually or mentally. Through emotional release techniques we help people to find why they feel the way they do, and work to free these blockages.

Every individual story is unique however I found one common thread. This thread is the mind and its ability to make us feel distressed which can lead to disease. Our thoughts are very powerful. Throughout all our healing process you will hear one common statement and that I love to say and this is “Drop out of your head and into your heart”.

Just try this exercise….

Close your eyes and focus on the back of your eyelids.

Place your hands over your heart and visualise dropping from your head into your heart. Your heart chakra is a place of unconditional love. Feel this energy calm you physically and emotionally.

This calm place allows for clarity and reduces anxiety.

After experiencing deep healing through our Emotional Release modalities you can use this technique to help integrate the energy shifts you will feel and you can use this at anytime you feel overwhelmed.

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