Counselling/Inner Child Healing

Crisis Counselling

What is a Crisis? A crisis situation is defined as a stressful time in life that disrupts the normal or usual daily activities or family functioning.

However, a crisis is also very individual and very real to that individual from being unable to sleep to the grief of the loss of a child. With having access to a lot of information via media we may feel that our life “crisis” is nothing compared to others and so not express our feelings.

Your individual trauma has an impact on your relationships, families, careers, emotions, spiritual path and general living. Blockages in any or all of these areas interrupt your life’s journey.

Do you want to let go of the emotional blockages that interrupt your life? If you answered yes then I can bring about the self-awareness you need to just let go.

My experience as a mental health nurse and Counselor has allowed me to hold space for people in all levels of crisis and trauma. My passion and skill is to not only listen but to give constructive feedback and to reframe situations so that your feelings have some clarity. This opens your heart to self-awareness and allows for your inner child to be heard. I have developed a simple but effective process that supports your inner child.

You will learn to understand your “comfort zone” and realize it is not so comfortable. You will learn to let go of fear and hurt and feel a renewed sense of freedom.

Emotional Release
A session with Robyn will give you insight into your specific blockages and you will learn ways to release these blockages and feel self love and connect to your inner awareness.

Our physical body requires healing as does our mental body and we will do all we can to fix this. Often however we don’t prioritise our emotional body or our emotional self. This I believe is the part of us that dictates how healthy we are physically and mentally. Get out of your head and into your heart!! Another way to say this is... Get out of your emotional block and into Self Love!!

The thinking part of us, our mind/ego, is very skilled at protecting and shielding our emotional self. The reason it does this is so we don’t have to feel the emotions that have impacted on us in the past. It is this part of us however that can give us our greatest gift. What is our greatest gift... it is self love.

Self love leads to a sense of freedom and joy that allows us the ability to cope with what ever life throws at us. Self love means we don’t rely on others to nurture us we can nurture ourselves.

Self love reduces anxiety and paranoia, it reduces self judgement and judgement of others.

Self love reduces negative self talk and offers a light at the end of the tunnel.

We all have an inner awareness of self love. Emotional blockages interfere and interrupt how we connect with our inner awareness.

Inner Child Healing
Through Inner Child Healing work you can be assisted to release the blockages and trauma in your life. From the time we are born we make decisions as a result of experiences and our environment that change the course of our lives.  These decisions can be based on our level of self-worth, guilt, abandonment or resentment and determine our future relationships and connections in all aspects of our lives. I hear people say to me often that “I had a good childhood”, “my parents did a wonderful job”. Inner child healing is not about blaming or incriminating your parents or significant caregivers it is about you and how you have interpreted your environment. My skill lies in being able to guide you to the situation or event that your inner child felt trauma. Trauma is relative to the individual and so the way it is felt or interpreted is very personal. I offer a very safe and non-judgmental space for your inner child to express.

Robyn’s own Inner Child journey has reduced fear and stress from her life and most of all brought about self-love. It is her passion to share this with you. Through self-love we connect with our higher selves and move forward in our life's journey.

  Inner Child work gives you the opportunity to heal and let go of those decisions that block self-love and open your heart. This emotional release will give a new sense of freedom to improve your relationships, career, abundance and self-worth.


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