Relaxation Massage
Robyn is well known for her high-quality massages.  If you are looking to release tension and stress from your body make time for one of her relaxing massage sessions. During this massage session Robyn uses a rose quartz massage stone for both healing and relaxation. Our body stores emotions that we repress throughout our daily lives. Our ability to store trauma can be held deep within our cells. Robyn's unique ability works to release the emotions stored in the muscles. She works intuitively giving you any messages she receives during this individual bodywork. These messages are offered by your higher self to help understand why your body is in pain. 

As part of your massage, you will receive a sage cleansing and sound therapy using the vibration of a heart chakra crystal bowl to enhance the relaxation experience.  Your will relax on a cellular level enhancing the healing your body requires. You'll emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Therapeutic Massage
Robyn is well known for her ability to locate “knots” and work them to help release both physical and emotional blocks. Her treatment uses a combination of infra heat and organic liniment oils.  This treatment offers a massage that guarantees to get into the knots helping you release tension, stress and toxins. During the massage Robyn is guided to work on the areas of your body that need the most attention. If you have repeated pain or tension then this body work is what you need. 
Robyn offers you the gentle healing modality of Reiki, which is non-invasive and relaxing and heals through energy flowing to where in the body, mind or spirit it is needed most. The energy flows through the crown chakra of the healer flooding their body first and then out through their hands into your body and energy field. Some Reiki healers transmit the energy through direct touch while others work in a non-contact manner. Many incorporate both techniques in a session. During an energy healing Robyn may receive psychic messages and will pass them onto you to help you in your healing journey. As part of a Reiki Energy Healing she utilises the power of crystals to enhance the energy, which creates a very powerful healing session.


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